Let’s Play: Tharsis, Space Horror…With Dice

In space, nobody can hear you scream, or roll dice apparently.

We deploy into space to take a look at the punishingly difficult Tharsis game from developer Choice Provisions, where survival all comes down to the roll of a D6. How long did we survive in the cold, dark of space, with only our dice to keep us company? And should you accept the challenge as well? With Tharsis, that might depend on if you happen to have nerves of steel, and a good command of the unforgiving die six.

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One thought on “Let’s Play: Tharsis, Space Horror…With Dice”

  1. Hey everyone. I realize looking back on my play that I made a couple strategic mistakes. We like to, or at least I do, show a first run through gameplay so that we can experience the joy of playing a new game along with viewers, so mistakes will of course be made. I’ve gone back and played again a few times since then and did slightly better (got to day seven) but then also got dice killed on day two or three. The game is brutal, but the challenge is fun.

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