Sayonara Time Wasters!

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I’ve had a lot of fun at GiN over the last nine years and a major part of that has to do with the Time Waster. The idea of focusing on indie games that don’t get much attention was, and still is, something that appeals to me. Unfortunately, I’m all out of steam.

These last couple of years it’s been hard to find time to waste. I’ve been doing much more work as a professional writer and even have a few projects going on behind the scenes. I’m also just plain worn out of sticking to a weekly schedule for game reviews. That’s why the Time Waster will be no more. This is the last official column in the series.

With that in mind, I need to clean house. Tie up a few loose ends and all of that.

Sayonara Time Wasters!Starting off, I am still playing indie games here and there. My most recent adventure is Blasphemous. It’s a game from the same developers behind The Last Door, which was a series I absolutely loved. Luckily, this game is great as well. Think of this as my final Time Waster recommendation.

I’ve also got to give a shoutout to GiN reader Jbumi real quick. They’ve commented several times on my articles. One of which was to recommend Divinity: Original Sin to me following my New Year’s Resolution piece.

I took way too long to get around to playing the game but loved it when I did. Alia and I actually played through the entire game together via split-screen co-op. I can easily say it is one of my favorite gaming experiences to date! Sitting down for over a hundred hours with my wife and working together to make it through such a compelling RPG is more than I could ever ask for.

Thank you for bringing this game to my attention, Jbumi!

Sayonara Time Wasters!It’s also worth noting that with the Time Waster ending, a new column is replacing it. Melissa Pierce is going to be taking over this space with Modern Gamer. Long-time fans of the Time Waster will hopefully find that it serves a similar purpose. I hope everyone keeps coming by GiN after my departure to check it out.

Finally, I’ve got to plug my Twitter (Billum256). This is where I’ll be providing updates for my future projects. I’m working on a story for a webcomic right now that Alia will be providing art for. We’re also both going to try our hands out at videos. Feel free to follow me for updates on these plans.

I’m not one to drag things out. So I won’t. Thank you, everyone, for reading the Time Waster and I hope the future holds great things for all of you!

Goodbye Time Wasters!

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2 thoughts on “Sayonara Time Wasters!”

  1. Good luck Billy, it has been an honor to write with you all of these years. I wish you the best on all future endeavers.

  2. Hi Billy. I second what Neal said. It was a true honor to work with you all these years. You mention the reader who clued you in about the Divinity game, but you did the same thing for me, many times over. I learned about a lot of cool indie titles that I otherwise would have missed, and I thank you very much for that!

    I wish you well in your future endeavors. With your talent and passion, I know you will be wildly successful. We will be following your career with great interest!

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