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Hiya game fans! Modern Gamer here for another exciting and bizarre Saturday morning review. So let me start off with my recent stories. So I have some sad news to share. Recently two relatives of my husband recently passed away (within weeks of each other). Funerals are hard for me. For some reason looking at dead bodies makes me think they’re going to jump up and scare me, (ridiculous fear I know) aside from the sorrowful goodbyes because we are going to miss them. So why did I bring up the funerals? Well, the game I played is a wonderful puzzle game that walks you through a bizarre world of death at its different stages. I say it’s bizarre because I don’t think my editor knew what he was going on when he assigned it to me. So let me tell ya’ll about it.

First, the story is about the passing of life. It walks you through an old woman who’s going through the journey of letting go. It has a series of really neat puzzles that are guided through stars and constellations. If anything it helps you relax as you play. But then I died after I solved the puzzles and from then on it was about remembering all the waking life. It was almost spiritual I would say. I think what the developers did was great and if this is based on the South American tradition of what people go through in death. It is amazing! The puzzles are a lot of fun too. If anything it’s relaxing and (if you’ve lost someone recently) I think it would be a kind of therapy after the funeral.

The artwork is amazing! I was surprised to learn that it had been done with unity. I’m not really into game engines as much as I used to be, but I say this because it’s all hand-drawn. I mean this literally looks like a freakin’ coloring book! It’s all 2D! It’s also in black and white. Being into the 2D animation, I have to say is brilliant. Black and white allow for so much time to focus on hand-drawn art. The animation isn’t as easy as it looks and literally your life goes by in seconds. Then you look up and it’s been like hours. Seriously I give these guys major cudo’s. The detail is fabulous especially if you like those sketch type line drawings. Exquisite!

Lastly the puzzles, it’s intermediate and but it gets a bit harder as it goes on. I have to say that it was really fun over all. I think everyone should give this a try. Aside from Evan’s Remains, this is one of the most relaxing puzzle games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Before I log off I would like to say that my husband and I are fine. We miss our loved ones, but are happy they are no longer suffering. Thanks for taking the time to listen to this Saturdays Modern Gamer review!

That’s all for now! Catch ya next Saturday!  Curious what the Modern Gamer does in her spare time? Check out and to find out!

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