Relaxing Wingspan Card Game Flies to Mobile

You don’t have to be an ornithologist to enjoy Wingspan, but chances are the game will turn you and your friends into real bird enthusiasts enjoying Android pass-and-play, online, and cross-platform multiplayer for up to five players, wherever you go. Add to it a relaxing soundtrack, a ton of interesting facts about wildlife, and 170 different birds featured on hand-drawn cards, each of them extending a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats, and you’ll get yourself a unique board game that you’ll be playing for many hours. Get the game from Google Play Store for $9.99 and … Continue reading Relaxing Wingspan Card Game Flies to Mobile

Wingspan Card Game Flying to Switch

Play either solo or invite up to five friends to share the experience with you. Dive into a world full of beautiful art, exciting bird facts, relaxing music, and amazing card-based gameplay that will test your strategic thinking. Wingspan is a game like no other and a perfect fit for your Switch. The game is now available on Nintendo eShop (, where you can get it for $19.99. Wingspan is a relaxing award-winning strategy card game about birds for 1 to 5 players. In this exciting adventure, become the keeper of a natural reserve, a shelter for many bird species. … Continue reading Wingspan Card Game Flying to Switch

Unique Candleman Adventure Comming to Nintendo Switch

A distinctive 3D platformer, Candleman’s action-adventure gameplay uses the mechanics of light and shadow to tell an immersive story. Players take on the role of a lowly candle with the ability to burn for a meager 10 seconds. This power, though small, is Candleman’s only resource against the challenges and obstacles in the darkness ahead. Trapped in the darkness, Candleman must burn himself to illuminate the nearby environment and find the way out. A wide range of stunning environments provides the backdrop as players experience this unsettling yet intriguing adventure. Publishers: indienova Developers: Spotlightor Interactive Platforms: Nintendo Switch