Comics, Story and Demon Hunting Combine in The Blind Prophet

Hey guys! The one and only Modern gamer is back at ya with a new game, The Blind Prophet. But first I wanted to go ahead and say something on virus COVID-19. Don’t be afraid and don’t panic, panic doesn’t do anyone any good. Be brave, and know that we will get through this. This is a virus and it will work its course. As I said this is not a time to panic, but to be aware of your surroundings and the people you come in contact with outside. Wash your hands, cough into your arm, and wear a mask if you go out in public. Do public distancing, and please be aware of price gouges in and off the streets. If you’re sick, please stay indoors and rest.

While we are all self quarantined (myself included) know that we here at GiN encourage you to check out our reviews, once you get bored with your old games. Speaking of which, let’s get it into it!

*Slaps the game* This bad boy is a beautifully hand drawn, comic bases game that’s somewhere in between the movie Constantine and the game Edna and Harvey. If you have a craving for playing a comic book with high dark religious fantasy, this is it.

The Blind Prophet is an amazing game that’s based on the hunters of evil demons disguised as humans. You play an apostle, Bartholomues, you show up on a boat and dock just in time to save a girl’s life from a creepy dude that’s about to rape her. You cut off his hand and he runs off. After you feed and calm the victim down, you go after the monster. Like Edna and Harvey, it’s a point and click puzzle game, so you have to look for clues to get where you want to go. You also have a handy tool called stalker site that helps you find all the places and clues you’ll need to take down your bad guys.

The game play is fantastic, really. It plays out just like a comic. I find it a lot easier to play than Edna and Harvey. It reminds me of the movie Constantine and also little bit of the Vampire the Masquerade game. What I really think is great, is that you can take screen shots of adventures in the game. They have some really nice artwork I have to tell ya’ll. Just really spot on!

The art style is really amazing for what it is. I mean it’s a comic style game. The showing of the panels tell the story well. This is exactly the way a comic style game should be made! I also would like to commend the artists who brought it all together. This is coming from an indie comic artist. You have to have so many layers to ink, lay flats, and then do lighting. (also known as rendering in the comic world) And there’s the drawing of architecture as well.

There’s is some animation in the game, like the characters breathing and then there’s walking when you switch to another room or place outside. Oh yea, this game is really mature, with a lot of gore, so no kids. Go play this game, it has mood, it has gusto, it has the dark stories we’ve all been craving.

That’s all for now! Modern Gamer out!

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