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Have you ever wanted to build your own rocket? Well, if you have, then boy, do I have the game for you. Now, just as a heads up, this is a review of the Spaceport Expansion DLC for the base Construction Simulator game, so don’t expect a review of the entire title. Now in terms of the DLC, well, I mean, really, who’s shocked that I’m onboard with building a spaceport? No one.

Plot Ahoy!

I always love doing simulator plot summaries because they’re often irrelevant, and Construction Simulator doesn’t deviate from that standard. This isn’t a criticism, though the game does make an effort to have a plot. Apparently, you’re stepping in after a previous contractor defaulted on a massive project to build a scientific research installation, and it’s up to you to finish this massive project.

When I say massive, I mean massive. We’re talking a GeoDome, two roads, a research center for a giant telescope, a warehouse, a production facility, and then, of course, the actual launch pad. It’s a commercial contractor’s dream.

Review Notes

However, there’s a catch. Remember I said this was a DLC? Well, while you can bring over all of your character’s skills, this is a new business, which means that whatever mounds of money you amassed during the base Construction Simulator game will not transfer over. Neither will your equipment. While you do start with some funds, given the costs associated with the materials for this project, you’re going to be working on a knife’s edge budget. The Spaceport Expansion does offer the opportunity to take out loans, with larger loans unlocking as you complete smaller projects, but some of the repayment terms can get a little, shall we say, dicey.

That said, aside from scale, the DLC isn’t really doing anything new that Construction Simulator doesn’t offer. Balancing the financing and timing requires some extra effort, but that goes along with the increased scale. You are dealing with a sandbox-style map, so it’s nice that you can skip sections and come back to them. However, strangely, the Spaceport Expansion doesn’t really allow you to run multiple crews at once, so you’re going all in on whatever it is you’re doing. That may be something you can do in the multiplayer, which is a really nice aspect if you have folks with whom you can log gametime. If you’re a solo player, well, the time investment you’re about to make will be daunting.

In terms of graphics, the Spaceport Expansion is certainly attractive. The buildings are rendered nicely, and the activities that actually make up gameplay flow smoothly for the most part. The title does provide a mechanism by which you can deal with any glitches that may occur. And the soundtrack contributes to the overall vibe nicely.


Construction Simulator’s Spaceport Expansion isn’t going to revolutionize the genre, but in terms of the sheer scale of what you’re building, it’s very satisfying to play. The time investment is significant; you should expect at least 40 hours of gameplay but likely many people will spend a few more hours than that putting everything together, depending on how you manage things.

Construction Simulator’s Spaceport Expansion retails for $19.99, and if you don’t have Construction Simulator as well, the bundle is available for $44.53.

Stray Thoughts From Behind the Keyboard

  1. Some of those concrete pours can be a bit tetchy, so be aware.
  2. Seriously, the Spaceport Expansion is an exercise in scale.
  3. I love that all of your equipment is branded.
  4. The tropical peninsula setting makes for a pleasant visual background for your construction efforts.
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