Bouncing Along with WarriOrb’s Platforming Joys

Welcome back to another GIN game review! I’m your hostess with the mostess, the Modern Gamer. I gotta tell ya things seem to be looking up in where I’m at. In some parts of the state stores and even restaurants are opening up. Still though, it’s better safe than sorry. Keep wearing the mask. Also when you get a chance get some sunlight whenever you can. I read an article saying that the virus can be killed via UV rays. Just be careful and stay safe guys!

Ok, so check this out, I was thinking about purchasing some games on my own and trying them out. WarriOrb was the first thing that caught my eye after Shop Titans. Like man, I’m gonna play that game next just for funnies. My awesome editor must have gotten some kind of physic signal (kidding he knows I like platforms) And sent me the keys to this game. Ya’ll, this game is lit!

The story goes that a wizard’s daughter is dying, so in order to bring her back he summons an extra life force from an unknown realm in order to bring her back. You’re all sitting at home watching TV (or whatever you were doing at the time) and some magic wielding loon summons you from outa the blue. Worse yet, he drops you into this little orb, ball-like body.

Then the wizard says something like, “Oh, you aren’t supposed to be here, I wanted my daughter back.” Then has the nerve to tell you “begone demon.” Rude! You find yourself going through the platform learning what all you can do in the game. For example, there’s a function that makes you bounce like a ball, which make since because you are one now. You can also go higher the more you press the A button and you can bounce back and forth on the walls. It’s like playing basketball almost. I freakin love it! And the dialog is hilarious!

The controls are super nice and very fluid, but I highly recommend you play this with your Steam controller. It’s just so nice to have that flow at your fingertips you know? Another thing I like is that you ascend and descend. I mean you’re a little black ball demon thing, so why not? You also have the ability to loot and sell items. It’s very much a fun dungeon crawl.

Speaking of Dungeon crawls, WarriOrb reminds me of three games, two of which you might be familiar with for comparison. Those are Crash Bandicoot and Castlevania. The third, which you may not know, is Klanoa of the Wind. They all have the same dungeon crawl style. You have to go in and out of rooms to unlock passageways and gain access to special areas, which is always fun to explore.

As for the art work, this is a tough one for me to grade. I love the graphics for the gameplay sections. They are beautifully simplistic in structure, but they are complemented by some gorgeous lighting and texture. It’s really is a treat to play WarriOrb, because it feels like a painting almost. The physics of the game are amazing, as I stated before.

The introduction graphics and the dialogue graphics are interesting, the style is different. They are not as good as the main gameplay ones, but they have a more classical style like a painting. It almost throws me off. The color palette is mostly warm browns and reds. It sets apart the demon and human world pretty well, so that is kind of clever.

Setting up the mood for a scene whether it’s in a game or a movie is pretty involved. You have to work with your colors, there’s tones and lighting you have to work with and blend. There’s also your color schemes. What color texture or paint goes well with this color light? Will it clash? Does it look right from that angle? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I think they achieved what they wanted in the aesthetics department for WarriOrb. Well done o mighty artist of WarriOrb!

So, yes, you should really give WarriOrb a try if you like platformers at all. It’s a really good looking game with nice platforming elements and a crazy story. There is even a demo on Steam where you can try out some of the game for free, so you have nothing to lose.

That’s all for now! Tune in Next Saturday for more cool reviews! As always, thanks for reading!

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