Two Action RPGs Become One in Fallen Legion+

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Hey all I’m back with a PC edition of a couple of games that are combined to make a more complete experience. It’s Fallen Legion+!

Plot Synopsis: Choose Between Two Protagonists, A Princess Turned Empress or the Populist General. Both now wish to control the Empire and wage war against the other. Fallen Legion+ combines the adventure of Princess Cecille and her enigmatic talking grimoire in Sins of an Empire with the romp through a ravaged continent with Legatus Laendur in Flame of Rebellion.

Plot: The plot is okay, though I hate having to play through two different games to get the full story. Still, you are getting two full games in one package.

Gameplay: A lot like Valkyrie Profile, it features you pressing face buttons to command your party to attack. Other than that, you get some choices to affect your party’s combat stats as well as your army’s overall morale. This is often one at the exclusion of the other, although the game doesn’t straight up tell you the consequences most of the time.

In addition the ability to guard against enemy attacks is often hampered by multiple enemies on the screen, making it nearly impossible to get the perfect blocks to achieve less damage and get bonus actions.

Music: The music is interesting, but it wasn’t enough to hold my attention for extended periods of time.

Artwork: Thankfully this is a game that takes some of the best influences of the PlayStation 1 era of JRPGs and puts them to good use with a solid art style reminiscent of Odin Sphere while not being a complete rip off of their style.

Overall: For those who are lacking in an RPG and desperately want one with no better alternatives, you’ll find Fallen Legion+ to possibly be up your alley. Otherwise you may be better off skipping this game.

For those who like: RPGs, Real Time Combat, Great Artwork, Two Games in One, Lots of choices as part of the main plot, and interesting and somewhat interwoven story that is typical of RPG fare.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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