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Editor’s Note: This review is for the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 edition of Monster Truck Championship. We are also working on a review for the NexGen consoles, which will come later.

Think of a racing simulation game on steroids! BIG trucks, BIG wheels, and BIG upgrades doing BIG tricks at high speeds! This is not a racing game that you can hop on and expect to win your first race. It’s challenging, yet a fun experience as you get a feel of what it’s like to be in the cab and control these monsters! Enjoy more than decent graphics with sounds to match. Surround sound and a 4K tv will give you live event vibes without the social interaction. Enjoy a display of fireworks and big screens as you race with a full attendance of what looks like cardboard cutouts that glitch as they cheer.

Monster Truck Championship plays in three gaming modes. Take a quick lap for some practice or just to take the edge off in between races in quick race. Really get into the race in career mode around different tracks around the United States. Earn money, parts, and sponsors by completing challenges during races. Line up in traditional race styles, drag races one on one, Freestyles, and demolition with other monster’s and climb the poles for position.

When you feel on the more competitive side grab the squad and jump into multiplayer and let them know how you really feel about them making the attempt to get on the sticks with you.

Of course with any great racing game it’s a must to have a garage full of goodies! Customize your truck from top to bottom adding all the bells and whistles to give you the racing advantage. Have access to skins for your truck to give it your personal touch. Change your body style, customize your paint job, beef up your tires, and juice up your engine and take it to the mud and throw some in your opponents face and have the sponsor’s line up to sign you.

Take control of your team and hire staff members that will take you to the top. Gain a list of men and woman applicants from managers, engineers, and mechanics from around the world that will allow you to save entry and repair fees and maintain your ticker for the best performance on and off the road. Continue to grow your team along with your success as you win races and open more chances to build your legacy.

Long story short Monster Truck Championship is a nice addition to your racing game collection if you’re looking for something different than your usual. Pleasantly painless on the pockets with an enjoyable gaming experience that is almost guaranteed to pull you in. Take a monster for a casual spin or crush your opponents in a race.

The mud is yours and you got the tires to handle it!


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