Change the Past and Alter the Future

I’ve played a lot of Spider-man games during my lifetime and this one was by far the best one ever. The storyline for this game was awesome to say the least. As a player you get to use the original Spider-man and also the Spider-man from the year 2099. Then the original Spider-man dies and it completely alters the future, leaving the Spider-man from the future with no choice but to go back in time to change the past.

This game allows you to earn upgrades to your health and moves by defeating enemies and collecting golden spiders. If you love Spiderman. there is no way you can go without playing this game and experiencing all its twists and turns. What is especially cool, is that what you do in one world certainly impacts the other world.

The Spiderman from the future has many cool moves that you can use such as hyper sense, and even using a decoy to fool your enemies. Hyper sense allows you to move so quickly that while your enemies are looking for you, they are already being disposed of. The decoy is perfect for not only confusing enemies but also confusing high powered guns that you cannot destroy. It is a must to use the decoy if you expect to open certain doors as they require Spiderman to pull with both arms to pull it open. Every time you get shot by one of the guns, the door shuts if it was not completely open, leaving you to have to start trying to open the door all over again losing all progress made. So use those decoys.

The graphical detail put into every character blew me away. I have never seen or played a Spider-man game that was so well developed.

The only frustrating part of this game is when you are free-falling, it certainly is a challenge. While free-falling your environment completely changes around you, causing more obstacles to appear and it becomes at times increasingly difficult to navigate through. What can I say, I love a good challenge though.

This is certainly one of the most fun games I have ever played, and especially for a Spider-man title. I absolutely love that while you are defeating your enemies, the opposite Spider-man is fighting for his life, and it’s up to you to save him from his eminent doom.

Both Spider-man characters have amazing powers and abilities that I just couldn’t get enough of using. The original Spider-man has the ability to kill enemies with a rock stuck to his webbing. This move was increasingly useful when you had multiple enemies as not only did it kill enemies a lot easier but it had excellent range.

In the end, this game absolutely blew me away with it’s amazing audio, graphics, and it’s awesome storyline. As someone who has played a lot of Spider-man games, I have to say this was by far the best one out of all them.

The bosses atrocity and anti-venom certainly were perfect. The end of this game had one of the most unexpected and surprising twists; when you fight the final boss you are surprised to find out a huge secret that I don’t want to tell you about. But it’s Earth-shattering.

I have to give this game a 4.5 out of 5 overall. It completely surprised me with how great it truly was. Most Spider-man Games where good, but not great. This one certainly sets the bar high for future Spider-man titles.

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