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Hello Time Wasters!

I’ve got to say that this week wasn’t really the best for me when it came to gaming. Most of my time has been spent in the preparation for a funeral and then the funeral itself. It doesn’t exactly leave a good taste in one’s mouth when looking over a game for review.

This week I spent what little time I had to myself playing Triple Tower Defense. As I’m sure you have ascertained from the name it’s another entry into the popular genre of Tower Defense games. This time though there are a few small adjustments made to increase the difficulty of the game.

Let’s jump right into the gameplay.

Triple Tower Defense follows the basic formula for tower defense games, specifically those that allow us to make our own path for the enemies out of our towers. The key difference though is how we upgrade towers in Triple Tower Defense and how it affects our path building. Instead of just simply spending money earned by enemies to upgrade towers we instead must place three of the same kind of towers touching one another (adjacent towers don’t count). This can be done up to four times to create the ultimate towers that will tear through those pesky enemies.

The difficult part though is that the towers appeal where the last tower in the three tower chain was placed. This means that we have to do a lot of planning on where exactly towers should go and adds a new level of strategy, depth and difficulty to a very oversaturated genre. As a self proclaimed tower defense veteran I liked the additional challenge, but for other who are new to the series it may be too much of a cruel mistress for them.

Graphically Triple Tower Defense doesn’t really offer much. Towers are simple geometric shapes and the level is a simple grid set up. If there is one thing to be amazed by it would have to be the ridiculous amount of particle effects in game. Enemies exploding after taking mass amounts of shots is a pretty sight but isn’t easy to enjoy when most of our time is spent looking over the level and planning where to build towers at to create a viable course while still getting the maximum efficiency from our towers.

Musically speaking Triple Tower Defense is lacking. The game has the perfect type of graphics for some hardcore techno nut instead leaves us with what must be the most boring techno to ever be orchestrated. The best thing that can be done to make the music bearable is to turn it off altogether and play some Daft Punk in the background instead. It’s a much better choice than listening to what the game offers.

Also Triple Tower Defense lacks any form of sound effect for firing turrets, which means we can just fill in the sounds on our own with "pew pews" and "bangs". I’m being a little harsh I know.

Overall there is a good bit of challenge to be found in Triple Tower Defense but sadly it is plagued by boring graphics and even more boring music. Only those who are tower defense junkies are going to want to play Triple Tower Defense and even then it may not hold their interest for long.

Triple Tower Defense comes through as slightly above average with 3 GiN Gems out of 5.


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