Child of Ash Ends Amazing Sword Chronicle Trilogy

Child of Ash
Michaelbrent Collings

Hey all I’m back with the conclusion to a series I’ve been reading since it’s beginning. It’s Child of Ash, Book 03 of the Sword Chronicle Trilogy by Michaelbrent Collings!

Plot: The plot is very much a conclusion to the trilogy and while it’s very much a Fantasy book it definitely does a bit of genre crossing. I won’t say anything more regarding that since that’d be super spoilerific, but it provides the answers to the many questions of what’s been happening in this series up till now.

If all of this sounds good to you so far, be sure to check out our review of Child of Sorrow, Book 02 of The Sword Chronicles and of course the original novel, The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire. Both are great action-packed reads, and feed into Child of Ash nicely.

Characters: We get to meet some new faces, and some old faces show up as well, but I’ll leave the names unsaid because again they’d be super spoilerific. This entry focuses on Sword’s PoV quite a bit, and one other character who I’ll leave unnamed, but there are other PoVs at times.

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Overall: Child of Ash is a satisfying ending to the Sword Chronicles trilogy, but know that it was fairly dark so if that isn’t up your alley you may wish to steer clear. However if you can handle the darkness you’ll love the hell out of Child of Ash as it answers many questions about the world of Ansborn and it’s mountains and what’s below those mountains past the clouds.

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