All Wargame Offerings Discounted For Memorial Day

In recognition of our solemn day of remembrance to fallen soldiers, Memorial Day, Shrapnel Games is running a special sale that has become an annual event. From today until May 27th, all wargame offerings from Shrapnel Games are heavily discounted. All wargame titles are on sale! These include: Air Assault Task Force for $33.95. The most user-friendly ProSIM title yet. A revamped GUI will have commanders battling the Vietcong, warlords, and the Taliban in no time at all. Enjoy the survey style game, as Air Assault Task Force highlights important airmobile operations from the early days to the War on … Continue reading All Wargame Offerings Discounted For Memorial Day

Shrapnel Games Puts Everything On Sale

Shrapnel Games wants to bring you twenty-two days of Christmas that includes Sherman Tanks, radar screens, wooden ships, and dungeons galore! That’s right, the sale runs from December 10th through December 31st! Every game currently available at Shrapnel Games is on sale, from grand strategy to role-playing to the serious military simulations of ProSim. Buy for yourself or for someone else. Enjoy the very best in independent strategy gaming. Check out just what you can own this holiday season. Air Assault Task Force ($34.95): Modern day real-time simulation of airmobile operations spanning four decades of modern warfare, highlighting three pivotal … Continue reading Shrapnel Games Puts Everything On Sale

Shrapnel Games Announces Spring Sale

This Spring Shrapnel Games tears away at the shackles of reality that binds our world, shredding away at prices and inviting gamers to lose themselves in savings beyond the threshold! From now thru Sunday, May 6th, every game available at Shrapnel Games is being discounted in a frenzy of sanity losing savings: Air Assault Task Force $34.95 Air Command 3.0 $34.95 ATF: Armored Task Force $23.95 Battle Group Commander: Episode One $11.95 BCT Commander $15.95 BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity $6.95 Bronze $24.95 Data Jammers: FastForward $6.95 Dominions 3: The Awakening $48.95 The Falklands War: 1982 $34.95 Raging Tiger: The … Continue reading Shrapnel Games Announces Spring Sale

Shrapnel Games Releases Pen And Paper RPG

Shrapnel Games is thrilled to announce that the much anticipated pen and paper tabletop role-playing game (RPG) from Disrupted Gears, Total Eclipse, is now available for purchase. While designed for classic tabletop play it is available only in the very modern format of digital delivery, and has been specifically formatted to take advantage of the variety of smart phones, tablet devices, and e-readers (but is fully compatible with your good ol’ fashioned computer) accessible to today’s gamers. Total Eclipse is not a single RPG experience, but an open ended RPG system created to allow gamers to experience a rich variety … Continue reading Shrapnel Games Releases Pen And Paper RPG