Candy Crush Saga Launching Free Lives and Community Rewards

Starting Thursday, April 30, through Wednesday, May 27, Candy Crush Saga will showcase 20 of the game’s most dedicated fans, featuring a new bespoke level inspired by each player and their favorite things about the game for an entire month. Completing all five new player levels available each week of the event unlocks a special “Community Chest” full of rewards chosen by that week’s featured players. As an additional thank you, the winning players will also be gifted personal renderings of themselves drawn in the unique Candy Crush style. To further reward the Candy Crush community and respond to demand, … Continue reading Candy Crush Saga Launching Free Lives and Community Rewards

Candy Crush Celebrating National Candy Day

For a limited time, Candy Crush Saga is rewarding players with Color Streak, a new in-game booster to celebrate National Candy Day. Players keep matching candies of the same color to fill the energy collector and activate Color Streak, which helps players smash through levels and progress through the saga map. This booster is available from November 4th – 17th. This special in-game event comes in tandem with a National Candy Day Cake Giveaway in New York City with the Flour Shop. Candy Crush Saga Color Streak Booster: • Earn, Activate, Smash through levels! • Players enter the game like … Continue reading Candy Crush Celebrating National Candy Day

Manel Sort To Head Barcelona Studio, the leading casual social games company, today announces that it is establishing a new development studio in Barcelona. also announces that it has hired mobile and social games veteran Manel Sort to head the new studio. Manel most recently was Vice President and General Manager at Digital Chocolate, leading game development in their Barcelona office including the iOS game Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures. is planning to build a staff of more than 40 employees working on mobile and casual social games titles in Barcelona. ‘ has quickly established itself in the casual social games space with more … Continue reading Manel Sort To Head Barcelona Studio