Candy Crush Celebrating National Candy Day

For a limited time, Candy Crush Saga is rewarding players with Color Streak, a new in-game booster to celebrate National Candy Day.

Players keep matching candies of the same color to fill the energy collector and activate Color Streak, which helps players smash through levels and progress through the saga map. This booster is available from November 4th – 17th. This special in-game event comes in tandem with a National Candy Day Cake Giveaway in New York City with the Flour Shop.

Candy Crush Saga Color Streak Booster:

• Earn, Activate, Smash through levels!

• Players enter the game like normal. During the event, all players have been given an energy collector which gets filled when a player makes four consecutive matches of the same color Candy

• Once the bar is full and activated the collector will burst, coloring the most common Candy on the board with the same color Candy players have collected

• If players break the chain by not matching the chosen color, the Color Streak bar will reset and will need to be charged with a new color

• The booster is available to all players over level 15, with a minimum app version of 1.157, on Apple App Store, Android, Windows, Amazon and HTML5

To further celebrate National Candy Day, Candy Crush Saga will reward its New York City fans by collaborating with Soho’s beloved bakery, Flour Shop, with free Explosion Cakes featuring some of the most iconic candies from the game itself.

Flour Shop will open its doors early on November 4th at 9:00 AM EST – and the cake giveaway will be on a first come, first serve basis to those who show they have reached level 15 and unlocked Color Streak.

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