Some Tricks how to get Success playing Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game that was published by Supercell and has made a significant impact on the game industry ever since the day it was published. It was very different on so many levels from other games. For example, the graphics of the game looked great, and the player system was completely different from all the games before it.

It is no wonder why it is still one of the most played mobile games. There is, even now, in 2019, when it has been seven years since its publishing. There are three resources in Clash of Clans, and the best way to get these resources, which are Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir, are by raiding other villages (other players) with your troops. For help, you can always depend on your heroes, The King, The Queen, and The Warden. So, know that we have some information about the game lets see some tricks and tips which are very important to be successful in the game.

Don’t use your gems too much!

You mustn’t use all of your gems at the start of the game. You can buy gems or get gems by cleaning up the bushes and trees that appear in your village. My tip would be that in Clash of Clans you use the gems to get workers, by doing so you will be able to improve your village as fast as possible.

Don’t hurry to upgrade your town hall.

Be sure to upgrade all the important buildings and troop levels first then upgrade your town hall. The most important upgrades in Clash of Clans are defenses, walls, and troops levels. After you maxed all of them and you can’t upgrade them without the town hall’s new level, you are ready to upgrade the town hall. I know that you are just impatient because you want to level it as fast as possible, but you have to be patient if you want a good base in the end.

Buy Clash of Clans accounts.

You always have the chance to buy an account, which I have done many times, and many players have done it before. You can buy an account with a good level, and play with that account, follow the tricks and tips in the article, and you can become one of the best in the game. Be sure to check the troop levels of the account. It is crucial to raid other villages, which are the essence of the game so that better troops will mean more income.

Join a good clan.

It is essential that you find a good clan in COC, well just from the name of the game, you can understand that clans are significant. Your clan members will be able to send you high-level troops, and this will mean that you will improve faster. Other benefits of clans are clan wars, which you can get a good income if you win the war, and clan games are very important that will give you different prizes for the missions you accomplished. Be sure to get along and respect your clanmates. They will be your best supporters.

Make a great base design.

Not losing the loot, you have gained from the raids is as important as getting the loot in the first place in Clash of Clans. This is why you will need a really good base design.

Your town hall should always be in the middle of the base and be sure that your defenses are in a good position to defend the town hall. If the enemy destroys your town hall, the war is over, and you lose. So, it is very important where you place your defenses and the town hall.


Clash of Clans is very focused on upgrading your offense as well as your defense in a balance. The best advice could be to say that you should not lose balance. Know what to upgrade at the right time. Your patient will be the key to success in the game. Do not give up, and remember it takes time to become successful in COC. This is a strategy game, and you will learn as you play, so never get frustrated. Just give yourself some more time.

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One thought on “Some Tricks how to get Success playing Clash of Clans”

  1. You have explained everything very well i have placed my town hall in the center but the problem is i dont know where to place the clan castle in th10 war base. thats why my clan castle army died very easrly in every battle. SO please let me know where to place the clan castle.

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