Conspiracies Plots a Good Time

I remember sitting back in my college dorm with about 10 people gathered around my 386 PC. We were all moving a man in a trench coat around the screen and trying to solve a mystery. The man was Tex Murphy, and I believe the Tex Murphy adventures inspired the developers of the world’s newest adventure game, Conspiracies. Conspiracies is set in the future, in a very dark future. You play a down on his luck private investigator named Nick Delios. I am not sure why all the detectives in these games are down-on-their-luck loser types, but Nick fits the … Continue reading Conspiracies Plots a Good Time

RHEM Will Puzzle Puzzlers

Those of you who have been waiting for the next great puzzle game to appear, wait no more. RHEM is without a doubt one of the most difficult and challenging games I have ever played. It is a world full of puzzles, and your intellectual noodle will be stretched extremely far while playing. The game is also inexpensive. You can get a copy of it for just about $30, which makes it an excellent deal considering I guarantee you will be working at the puzzles for many, many hours if you have any hope of solving RHEM. It also ships … Continue reading RHEM Will Puzzle Puzzlers

Watchmaker's Clockwork Mystery

The Watchmaker is the latest offering from Got Game Entertainment, and while it has a great deal of potential, it only lives up to part of it. You play two characters: Victoria Conroy (lawyer) and Darrel Boone (paranormal expert), who meet at 3:00 in a London law office, where you are briefed on the mission. Apparently an item of potentially dangerous power, a pendulum, has been stolen, and the castle you are about to go to is one of the suspected hiding places. Of course, your mission is to find out what you can, and hopefully recover the pendulum. The … Continue reading Watchmaker's Clockwork Mystery