High Seas Adventure Awaits

Ahoy mates – we close with the enemy – bring all guns to bear! Prepare to engage! Covering the period from the Seven Year’s War through the Napoleonic Era, Age of Sail II brings to you the heart of the Age of Sail. You can do battle as the British High Seas Commander against those upstart Americans in 1776 or fight for the Americans against the Imperialistic British in the War of 1812. You can play from the decks of a Ship of War or the decks of a Privateer just out for the booty. The choice is yours. My … Continue reading High Seas Adventure Awaits

Assimilation: AI is Irrelevant

I hope I’m not hopelessly dating myself, but I remember when the pizza joint down the street from the college campus got in a game called Ataxx (this was back in 1990). It was different from a lot of the other games that were coming out at that time, in that is was a turn-based puzzle game. I spent many hours at this game, trying to beat ever-increasingly-difficult AI opponents in an effort to get a higher ranking. (Take that, Droolman!) Later, in 1993, 7th Guest came out with a rehash of the Ataxx game as one of its puzzles … Continue reading Assimilation: AI is Irrelevant

Siege Anthology is A+ Value

The Siege of Avalon Anthology is a welcome breath in the world of role-playing games. No, the game does not break any technical benchmarks or cause your processor to smoke under the weight of the graphics processing. But Siege does do something that few other RPGs ever have: provide solid entertainment without breaking your bank. Siege can be had for just $20, a price that most RPGs won’t reach until they have been bested by their own sequels several times over. For that price, I was expecting a very cheap game that would not impress me in the least, much … Continue reading Siege Anthology is A+ Value

Once You Pop, You Just Can’t Stop

It’s weird being the ‘puzzle guy’ around the office. Everyone automatically assumes that I’ll want to get the latest puzzle game to review, and – plop – there it is on my desk. But do they know me? Do they know my secret desires? No, let the ‘puzzle guy’ have his puzzles. Maybe I wanted a shooter or something instead, huh? There are two very good reasons why I don’t get the shooters. One, I suck at them, and two, I don’t enjoy them very much. So maybe they have me pegged, and ‘puzzle guy’ I remain. This is fortunate, … Continue reading Once You Pop, You Just Can’t Stop

Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

You’ve seen them. The evening news broadcast reports on some disaster or accident and moments later, looming in the sky above, hovers a rescue copter with a highly skilled crew ready to render aid. Have you ever wondered what a career as one of these air rescue personal would be like? Well Search and Rescue 3 (SAR3) is the game for you. At the moment SAR3 is the only search and rescue helicopter simulation on the market that I know about. Being in a class of its own doesn’t mean this is a bad game. It’s quite decent. It has … Continue reading Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

Akimbo: Kung Fu Hero is a Throwback Classic

Observe!! The "Crane Stance!" Wytaaaaaaa!!! "Moon Stance!" Wootooooooo!!! "Bear Stance!" Mootooooo!!! "Crouching Tiger!" Shen-muuuuuu! "Hidden Dragon!!" Voodooooo!! "Flying Foot Kick!" ShaaAAAWAKAAAaaaaa!! * Takes a bow * Phew! Man, you wouldn’t believe the adventures I’ve been on the last few days. I mean I’m fighting bug-eyed tarantulas, thorn-filled hedgehogs, fireflies half my size, snapping seashells, giant wasps and all sorts of wild creatures wanting a piece of me! But lookout, my misfortune-filled foes, cause I’m well versed in the ancient forms of martial arts, and with my lightning quick reflexes I’m untouchable!!! That’s right, I shall make you all rue the … Continue reading Akimbo: Kung Fu Hero is a Throwback Classic

Jetboat is no Hydro Thunder

My mother always told me that when you don’t have anything nice to say, then you should not say anything at all. Unfortunately when you are a product reviewer, its your job sometimes to say bad things about a title so people won’t waste their money on it. And sometimes it is your job to pick a title up and completely body slam it to the mat without mercy. Jetboat Racing is forcing me to do the later. As I have to say something about this game, I will just keep it short and simple. My favorite game at Dave … Continue reading Jetboat is no Hydro Thunder

Tower of the Ancients is Puzzle Psychosis

Tower of the Ancients is a puzzle game that might be best described as a cross between Tetris and Connect Four. The objective is to line up the blocks that fall from the sky to create horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows of identical symbols. Get three or more identical symbols in a row, and they disappear. When the blocks stack up too high, you lose. This isn’t the most polished game I’ve ever played; the graphics aren’t terribly sharp, and trying to improve the resolution somehow changed my system’s color settings as well. The game has also frozen up during … Continue reading Tower of the Ancients is Puzzle Psychosis