SimCity 3000 builds on a familiar favorite

Listen up, this is the Mayor speaking! What you haven’t heard of me before? Why, I’ve been the mayor (read "dictator") of several successful towns, some with populations of almost two million people. My least whim can topple enterprises, my slightest fancy can cause a freeway to be built next to your house. This is the fantasy that Maxis has been offering control freaks like myself for years. You get put in as mayor of your own town. No election, no campaign, you merely appoint yourself for life. Of course, it does help that you are also the town founder. … Continue reading SimCity 3000 builds on a familiar favorite

Alpha Centauri is A+ all the way

When I first started college, I was exposed to a game that was unlike any other; a game that took the concept of playing a world leader and enhanced it deeply. It was also a game that was responsible for me spending many sleepless hours just trying to conquer one more city. That game was Sid Meier’s Civilization, considered by many as the greatest game of all time. That was, until Civilization 2 came out in 1995. With an easier to operate interface and a multimedia facelift, Civ 2 resurrected all those factors that I loved about the original Civilization. … Continue reading Alpha Centauri is A+ all the way


Reboot is a very enjoyable game, whether you’re a fan of the television series or not. For those who have not seen the show, it’s about a group of people who live inside a computer and have to protect the mainframe from intrusions like viruses and people playing games. The main character is the guardian of the mainframe, Bob. In the PlayStation version of the game, Bob moves effortlessly aboard his Zipboard, trying to rid the mainframe of tears that sap it of its energy. Control is accurate as you get the hang of the physics of the zipboard, sort … Continue reading ReBoot

Need for Speed 3 is hotly perusing the number one race spot

Last week I reviewed Sony’s racing masterpiece Gran Turismo and considered it to be the finest racing game ever made. This week, I took a glimpse at GT’s closest PlayStation competition, Electronic Art’s Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. At first, I thought that it would be a disappointing sequel just like Need for Speed 2 was, and fortunately for me, I was dead wrong. This might not be as deep a racing experience that Gran Turismo was, but it sure is a lot of fun to play. Once again, Need for Speed 3 provides a wide assortment of supercars … Continue reading Need for Speed 3 is hotly perusing the number one race spot

Run and Gun with Electronic Art’s Need For Speed III

We can usually expect a good game from Electronic Arts, and Need for Speed III is on the right track. Compared to other racing games-Need for Speed 1,2, and Ridge Racer, this is by far the best example of a really fun car racing package. The graphics and flexibility in this game are what make it so entertaining and it delivers heart racing action. In our test kitchens, we examined the handling, excitement and options of this game, and it came up a winner. The handling of the cars is great, much improved over the sluggish handling of earlier versions. … Continue reading Run and Gun with Electronic Art’s Need For Speed III

Solo action puts new twist on Command and Conquer

Ever wonder what it’s like to be one single cannon fodder-like unit in a game of Command and Conquer? Now you can find out. Westwood Studio’s Sole Survivor is the latest release to the Command and Conquer lineup. However, if you are expecting the usual "process ore, build base, build units, destroy the enemy" foray, you’re only have part of the equation right. The only thing listed above that would describe Sole Survivor is "destroy the enemy." Sole Survivor is an online-only game where you control ONE UNIT and attempt to destroy all those around you. Units range from foot … Continue reading Solo action puts new twist on Command and Conquer

Wing Commander Prophecy: space combat gets back to its roots

It’s hard to believe that seven years have passed since Chris Roberts released his groundbreaking Wing Commander series. I still remember the first time I played this game, booting up my old 386 PC and staying up late just wanting to complete "just one more mission." It definitely was a turning point for PC gaming, and started the process for future Wing Commander games to improve on PC Technology. Its sequel, Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the Kilrahi involved communication speech and was responble for the Sound Blaster card being the standard for computer sound. Wing Commander 3 incorporated SVGA … Continue reading Wing Commander Prophecy: space combat gets back to its roots

Galapagos makes a new(born) splash in industry

Imagine guiding a newborn baby through a deadly maze of lava pits, toxic clouds and spinning laser turrets. You can’t actually touch the child, but he has the capacity to learn from his mistakes. Such is the fun and often highly frustrating world of Anark Software’s Galapagos. Players are charged with guiding a newly born metal bug named Mendel in his attempts to escape the evil workshop that created him. (The plot is a little thin but that’s not where this game’s strength is at.) When Mendel is born his mind is as blank as a political candidate on the … Continue reading Galapagos makes a new(born) splash in industry

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