Kickin’ with GTA3 PC

When Grand Theft Auto 3 was being shown at E3 running on a PC, my interest was peaked a bit. I had played the game on the PlayStation 2 and had a pretty good time. But my lack of console savvy really kept the game from becoming a top favorite for me. So when the game arrived for the PC, I figured I would give it another go. Basically, GTA3 on the PC is essentially the same game as on the PS2, with a few notable exceptions. If you are a PS2 whiz and went all the way through the … Continue reading Kickin’ with GTA3 PC

Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs

Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs is a real time strategy (RTS) game set during the three kingdoms era of china, and believe it or not, my diverse background does actually include studying ancient china while in college. You are probably thinking "why man why?" Well, to be perfectly honest, my advisor recommended the class during an early morning appointment, and I was stupid enough to say ok. Seriously, I joke about it now, but in all honesty I found the history of Asia to be quite fascinating and I continue to expand my knowledge when the time and opportunity … Continue reading Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs

Cuboingo is Fun Cubed

I can remember a time when the game that was taking everybody’s quarters, and sucking away more work hours than pointless meetings was a now-classic game called Tetris. As time moved on, the market shifted, and we were treated to eras of shooters, RPGs, and strategy games. While these were all enjoyable in their own way, still I missed the days when a game with such an incredibly simple concept managed to capture the fancy of a game-playing nation. Those days may be here again, thanks to Cuboingo. In Cuboingo, you have a cube that is paneled on all six … Continue reading Cuboingo is Fun Cubed

Operation Blockade is Mindless Fun

Operation Blockade is the type of game that I don’t normally like. Basically you are charged with defending a bunker against waves and waves of enemy troops. Its kind of like a shooter, but you don’t move from your position. You can spin around and look up and down, but you don’t go anywhere. That said, I played this game from start to finish, and whenever anyone in the test lab was walking by and happened to see it, they all asked if they could play. In the past games of this type suffered from one major flaw, and that … Continue reading Operation Blockade is Mindless Fun

F1 2002 is Bood, But Not New

Electronic Arts has always been praised for its great sports lineup. Starting in the Genesis days (when EA was exclusive to that platform) games like Madden and Bill Walsh football ruled the day. Sales were so good for these games in fact, that many believe EA’s support of the Genesis is one of the main reasons that system succeeded like it did. Now though, here in the year 2002, a lot has changed. EA is no longer exclusive to Sega, as Sega no longer are in the hardware business. Further more, EA no longer limits itself to just football games, … Continue reading F1 2002 is Bood, But Not New

This Wonder Takes The Throne

The development of wargames over the past few years has followed two distinct tracks. The far more popular one has been in the direction of real-time strategy games, with a role-playing modification being the feature of note lately. The road less traveled is turn-based. Despite wonderful real-time games, I have remained a steadfast fan of turn-based games. The genre almost died out a few years ago, but was saved mostly by the Might and Magic, and perhaps the Warlords series. (Does anyone still remember when Might and Magic was an RPG?) Today, turn-based strategy remains popular, though I doubt it … Continue reading This Wonder Takes The Throne

Gore is Shooter 101 Class

Remember good ‘ole Doom? It was easy to learn with no tricky play. Just find weapon upgrades, ammo and health packs while blasting your opponents, and you were the master. Well with Gore : Ultimate Soldier that is all back with a vengeance! The premise is that street gangs in the US (controlled by MOB) have grown in strength and ability so that they now control neighborhoods and entire cities. To combat this the US Government, in the form of the UMC, has developed a new virtual training facility that takes raw recruits and turns them into sophisticated soldiers in … Continue reading Gore is Shooter 101 Class

Came, Conquered, Done That

If you played Europa Universalis, you may feel like you have been there before when you play Europa Universalis II. It has the same look, the same feel, lets face that it’s basically the same game with nifty new options and even more comprehensive economic and diplomatic systems. There are also more decisions for you to make as ruler of your nation of choice. But after a game has started, the differences will become more and more clear to you. This is basically a major enhancement to an already great game that only increases the player’s enjoyment of it. Many … Continue reading Came, Conquered, Done That

Neverwinter Means Never Bored

I am impressed with Neverwinter Nights, but I did not start out that way. I guess it’s just a matter of perception. Given the long development time and the many, sometimes conflicting press releases and various other information I read about the product, I really did not know what to expect. Some people thought, and based on the feedback I get from our readers still do, that Neverwinter was a massively multiplayer game in the realm of Ultima Online or Asheron’s Call. Its not, though you could hardly blame gamers for thinking the wrong thing. Basically, the development of the … Continue reading Neverwinter Means Never Bored

Morrowind is (Finally) a True RPG

We have been waiting a long time for Elder Scrolls: Morrowind to be released by Bethesda Softworks, and the longer we waited and the more we read about the game, the more our expectations grew. To our great relief, Morrowind is everything that we were expecting and more. It is at long last"a true RPG for the computer. Chris is the primary reviewer on Morrowind and has experienced the game on the Xbox. John is going to chime in on his experiences with the PC. He has also had the chance to play longer, as the PC version came out … Continue reading Morrowind is (Finally) a True RPG

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