Kabuto Could Have Been More

Giants: Citizen Kabuto is an impressive display of graphics and top-notch sound. The game is clearly taking advantage of what new high end computers can offer to the field. Unfortunately, if you don’t have one of these computers you’re going to miss the best of what this game has to offer, which is a shame because I like the idea of the game so much more than the execution of it. To begin with you have all the good elements: funny dialogue and very funny film clips, an opportunity to play any of three different species all warring against each … Continue reading Kabuto Could Have Been More

Starfighter is a (Laser) Blast

Star Wars Starfighter was released for the PS2 in 2001 and to the joy of Xbox owners everywhere, it has now made its way to the Xbox. It picked up some improvements along the way including a graphics tweak, new levels, and an improved multiplayer mode. Star Wars Starfighter gives you the opportunity to take on the role of three heroes. And like most Star Wars heroes, each has their own ship to pilot. You start off on a training mission learning to fly as Rhys Gallows, a young hotshot pilot who has just taken the helm of his first … Continue reading Starfighter is a (Laser) Blast

Getting a Lot More with Morrowind

It looks like the developers at Bethesda are actually going to be releasing their Morrowind RPG in May for both the PC and Xbox, which is pretty amazing considering how much depth is contained within the game world. Well, I guess they have been working on it for quite some time, but after playing with the preview version of the game, I can say that their efforts were well worth the wait. Put simply, Morrowind is quite possibly going to revolutionize the way people think about role-playing games on the computer. I’ve played about every RPG for the past six … Continue reading Getting a Lot More with Morrowind

World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home

There is turmoil and chaos in the Middle East again. Sound familiar? No, I’m not watching CNN; I am playing JoWood Productions’ World War 3: Black Gold. World War 3 is a real time military strategy game in which you will control three different military powers. Using ‘real-world’ modern day weaponry, you will take command of the United States army, the Russian army, and the Iraqi army. World War 3 is similar to most real-time strategy games. There are goals that must be achieved in order to succeed and move on to the next mission, and you must build supply … Continue reading World War 3 Hits Too Close to Home

The Force is with Obi-Wan

Originally developed for the PC, Obi-Wan was eventually released exclusively for the Xbox. Although this may anger some PC owners, you can see where the game fits right into the Xbox format. As you can imagine from the title, you get to play Obi-Wan. In this case, you get to play him in his pre-episode I role of a young Jedi padawan. What really makes this game cool for me is getting to use a lot of the Jedi powers from the movies. Though I must admit, I am awaiting all the cool games that herald the release of Episode … Continue reading The Force is with Obi-Wan

Siege Anthology is A+ Value

The Siege of Avalon Anthology is a welcome breath in the world of role-playing games. No, the game does not break any technical benchmarks or cause your processor to smoke under the weight of the graphics processing. But Siege does do something that few other RPGs ever have: provide solid entertainment without breaking your bank. Siege can be had for just $20, a price that most RPGs won’t reach until they have been bested by their own sequels several times over. For that price, I was expecting a very cheap game that would not impress me in the least, much … Continue reading Siege Anthology is A+ Value

Around the Universe in 20 Minutes

I have a pile of lesser known sci-fi books collected from the dusty desks of co-workers when they moved on to new jobs, from library sales where everything was just a quarter, and several that friends have lent me with no intention of ever recollecting. A lot of these books, especially the short stories, contain some real gems. Sure, you have probably never heard of either the authors or the story title, but just because something is not embraced by the mainstream does not mean it’s bad. I love many of these books, and some of the stories they contain … Continue reading Around the Universe in 20 Minutes

Siege the Day

There are times when a game is released and everyone in the industry has to take a step back and say, "Wow, how did they do that?" Dungeon Siege is one of those games. Billed as a role-playing game, Dungeon Siege is better described as an action-packed Dungeon romp along the lines of Diablo II, Darkstone and even perhaps the Myth series. But that is about where any type of comparison ends. Dungeon Siege has the same type of elements found in other games, but they are put together so well here, you will swear that you’ve never seen anything … Continue reading Siege the Day

High Heat 2003 Is Still MVP

Hey folks, it’s baseball season again. And means it’s time to look at the latest and greatest baseball simulations on both the PC and console platforms. Once again, I must ask the same question that I asked last year, when I reviewed High Heat 2002, and gave that game 5 Gems (actually 4 + on the PS2). Why is it that there are still a select few morons out there (yeah, I am talking to YOU, Game Informer) that still love to trash this series as opposed to weaker titles such as All Star Baseball? Deep down inside, I have … Continue reading High Heat 2003 Is Still MVP

Stunt GP Misses the Ramp

Remote control cars are very cool things. When it’s a nice sunny day, you can go outside with them and do everything that you, as an observer, would never do in a real car. It’s this type of fun that publisher Titus, along with developer Team 17, hope to revive in Stunt GP. Unfortunately this is not the case as the game has a list of problems as long as Fat Albert’s grocery list. Stunt GP features seven game modes: Five single player (Arcade, Exhibition, Time Trial, Stunt Challenge, and Championship) and two 2 player (Quick Race, and Tournament.) The … Continue reading Stunt GP Misses the Ramp

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