Second Life Team Releases Patterns Game

Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life and other shared creative spaces, today announced the ‘genesis release’ of a new product called Patterns.

Patterns is a new 3D digital universe to explore and shape with your creativity. Beginning on an archipelago floating in space, you explore and discover the shapes and patterns that form this world. As you collect materials of varying strength and durability, you can use them to build anything from large-scale structures that reach the sky to bridges that traverse chasms and much more – all while the pull of gravity challenges your construction techniques.

Today, the earliest version of Patterns – the ‘genesis release’ – is available at a 50 percent discount for adventurous early adopters, who will be the game’s founding users. Updates to the product will be offered on a recurring basis leading up to the launch of Patterns 1.0 late next year. In addition to receiving early access to Patterns, genesis release users will help to shape the final product with their feedback, will be entitled to have their names in the credits, and will receive all updates up to and including version 1.0 at no additional cost.

‘At Linden Lab, we believe that creativity is within all people and that it empowers them like nothing else,’ said Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab. ‘We make digital spaces where people can have fun while exploring and sharing their creativity with others. Millions of people around the world have enjoyed that in Second Life, and we look forward to inspiring even more creativity with Patterns, Creatorverse, and the other new products we’ll be releasing this year. Today is just the first step for Patterns.’

For more information, including a video trailer and product screenshots, and to purchase an access key to download the Patterns genesis release, please visit

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