Crime Story Releases For Android

The search for a missing brother begins your rise through the ranks of a treacherous underworld rife with murder, corruption and greed as Game Insight, a fast-growing social and mobile games company, today announced Crime Story – a free, empire-building game now available for Android. The announcement follows the recent launch of Game Insight’s top-grossing Android games Paradise Island and My Country. Crime Story is a game of dominance and deception where players work their way up from an ordinary mafia solider to the head of a crime syndicate. Conquer the city and build your own criminal empire by eliminating … Continue reading Crime Story Releases For Android

Activision Announces Independent Games Winners

In an effort to help foster creativity and innovation from the rising talent in the independent game development community, Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) is proud to announce today the winners of the first round of the inaugural Activision Independent Games Competition. The winners are being rewarded for their hard work and creativity with cash prizes to be used further develop their winning ideas. Publishers: Activision Platforms: Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360

In a 7-2 Decision, Supreme Court Strikes Down California Violent Video Game Law

In what is likely to be hailed as one of the greatest legal victories for the game industry, the Supreme Court struck down the controversial California law that would have criminalized the sale of violent video games to minors. The 7 to 2 victory is a resounding win for the industry, which argued that the current voluntary ratings system created and maintained by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) was adequate protection, and in fact was more effective than the ratings in other industries, such as movies. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the majority opinion in the case. "As a … Continue reading In a 7-2 Decision, Supreme Court Strikes Down California Violent Video Game Law

GameSalad Offers Game Companies HTML5 Publishing Capabilities

GameSalad Inc., which empowers aspiring and established game designers to easily develop sophisticated web and mobile games, today announced the ability to publish games using HTML5, widely regarded as the next standard language for delivering content on the web. With HTML5, the more than 1 billion people using web browsers today can now enjoy GameSalad games. "By supporting HTML5, the next language of the web, GameSalad opens up a world of possibilities for aspiring and established game designers," said Steve Felter, CEO of GameSalad. "We’re giving people the ability to play and share GameSalad games within a web browser – … Continue reading GameSalad Offers Game Companies HTML5 Publishing Capabilities

Industry Veteran Ulf Waschbusch To Lead Mobile Development At MindJolt

Leading social, mobile, web games company MindJolt today announced mobile veteran Ulf Waschbusch will lead internal social mobile game development under the SGN studio. An expert in the mobile space, Ulf has held senior mobile product roles for Google, MySpace and T-Mobile, most recently serving as Chief Product Officer at Garena, one of the largest gaming community platforms with more than 60 million registered users. Ulf has won several awards including the IBM Leonardo Da Vinci Award, which named him the Best Programmer of Germany beating out more than 7500 entrants. Ulf received his MBA in Stanford in 2006, and … Continue reading Industry Veteran Ulf Waschbusch To Lead Mobile Development At MindJolt

History: Great Battles Medieval Moves To Android

Slitherine (, Matrix Games (, and War Drum Studios ( are thrilled to announce the release of HISTORY Great Battles Medieval for the Android operating system (all Tegra compatible devices)! HISTORY Great Battles Medieval has already generated plenty of buzz as it was hailed as "an impressively fully-functioned RTS" by HISTORY Great Battles Medieval is the first 3D strategy game to land on this exciting new platform. The title’s beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay have been used by NVidia to demo their cutting edge mobile graphics chipsets so rest assured that HISTORY Great Battles Medieval pushes the limits of … Continue reading History: Great Battles Medieval Moves To Android

Quake 3: Arena is multiplayer mayhem

Let me start this review of Quake 3: Arena by saying that comparing this game with Unreal Tournament is inevitable. They are both superior in their own ways. Both involve hard-core deathmatches set on a grand scale, but where UT specializes in both single play and multiplay with all new tweaks, Quake 3: Arena (Q3A) sticks with the classic deathmatch engine, and in essence, this is not a bad idea. Now we know that the Quake series has never been well known for plot, and Q3A is no exception. The manual does explain about an alien race called the Vadrigar … Continue reading Quake 3: Arena is multiplayer mayhem