History: Great Battles Medieval Moves To Android

Slitherine (www.slitherine.com), Matrix Games (www.matrixgames.com), and War Drum Studios (www.wardrumstudios.com) are thrilled to announce the release of HISTORY Great Battles Medieval for the Android operating system (all Tegra compatible devices)! HISTORY Great Battles Medieval has already generated plenty of buzz as it was hailed as "an impressively fully-functioned RTS" by PocketGamer.co.uk.

HISTORY Great Battles Medieval is the first 3D strategy game to land on this exciting new platform. The title’s beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay have been used by NVidia to demo their cutting edge mobile graphics chipsets so rest assured that HISTORY Great Battles Medieval pushes the limits of mobile gaming technology!

JD McNeil, Chairman of Slitherine Ltd., said, "We are excited to bring to market such an exciting title. Working in partnership with War Drum Studios and NVidia has been a rewarding experience that puts us at the forefront of innovation in the strategy gaming market."


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