Zoo To Publish Indy Storm Game

Zoo Games, Inc. today announced it has signed a deal to publish the independently developed game Storm on multiple platforms in 2010. Storm, produced by game design student Terence Lee, recently won the "Community Favorite" award along with a $5,000 prize in 2BeeGames.com's first Independent Games Competition. Now millions of gamers will have an opportunity to play this unique, original creation when it arrives on store shelves in 2010.

Storm is a physics-based puzzle platform game where players control the weather, breathing gusts of wind, summoning torrents of rain, and calling down thunderous claps of lightning. The goal is to manipulate the environment in order to move a series of balls from the beginning of the level to the end, navigating treacherous terrain and puzzling pitfalls along the way. Collecting power spheres, players charge their elemental abilities and master the awesome power of nature in Storm.

While still a student in the Computer Science & Engineering program at Ohio State University, Terence Lee created Storm in just two weeks, taking on the roles of programmer, designer, artist and musician. His goal with the project was to explore techniques behind fluid dynamics, particle physics, and rapid development. After being entered into 2BeeGames' Indie Game Competition, Storm quickly racked up plays and praise from 2Bee's "Hive" community, eventually taking 2nd place in the competition.

"This project taught me how to work on a tight development schedule and prioritize the features I felt were necessary to give the game its unique feel and style," said Terrance Lee, creator of Storm. "Now with the opportunity to finish and publish this game, I look forward to adding additional content, features and polish to bring Storm closer to my artistic vision."

The 2nd Indie Game Competition hosted by 2BeeGames.com is accepting submissions until October 15, 2009. Enter now for a chance to see your game published on consoles.

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