Zombies Invade Virginia

Lock 'n Load Publishing, the company that brought the award-winning Lock 'n Load game system to players across the planet, announces their plans to publish All Things Zombie, the Origins 2006 miniatures game of the Year to the board game world of Lock 'n Load Publishing. Gamers play as adventurers trying to survive in a world populated with zombies, fighting intensely satisfying tactical battles as they roam the devastated land. As the designer, Ed Texiera says, "It's all about real life in an unreal world." Or something like that.

Featuring amazing art, and a detailed, yet accessible, design, All Things Zombie is a gamer's dream. "All Things Zombie appeals to both strategy gamers and RPGers alike," states Teixeira, the game's designer. "Whether searching a police station for guns and ammo, gunning down hordes of zombies, or blasting through a running gun battle with other not-so-nice-survivors, All Things Zombie will keep you on the edge of your seat."

Steer your browser to www.locknloadgame.com for more information.

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