Zombie Smasher HD Shows Off Gravity Sensor

Zombie Smasher HD Is Now in the App Store. And developer A-onesoft is showing off the feature they are most proud of: the use of the gravity sensor to actually crush the undead.

‘Out of dozens of zombie games, Zombie Smasher HD stands out,’ a company spokesman said. ‘You can experience the same excitement as the film Resident Evil: Retribution brings. Applying GRAVITY SENSOR and touch screen, Zombie Smasher HD shows you a perfect and marvelous gaming experience. Throughout the focus of the gaming experience, there are three special attacking methods: Jumping, Sprinting and Spinning.’

He explained that your primary defensive tactic is to control the ball via the iPhone or iPad’s Gravity Sensor to smash zombies. What’s more, the touch screen enables players to use some special skills throughout the game’s 30 levels.



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