Zombie Smasher HD Shows Off Gravity Sensor

Zombie Smasher HD Is Now in the App Store. And developer A-onesoft is showing off the feature they are most proud of: the use of the gravity sensor to actually crush the undead. ‘Out of dozens of zombie games, Zombie Smasher HD stands out,’ a company spokesman said. ‘You can experience the same excitement as the film Resident Evil: Retribution brings. Applying GRAVITY SENSOR and touch screen, Zombie Smasher HD shows you a perfect and marvelous gaming experience. Throughout the focus of the gaming experience, there are three special attacking methods: Jumping, Sprinting and Spinning.’ He explained that your primary … Continue reading Zombie Smasher HD Shows Off Gravity Sensor

Zombie Smasher HD Claws Its Way To App Store

Listen! Zombies are approaching! The Earth is in danger! Any species in the world infected with the virus will become zombies. What are you waiting for? The great A-ONE Professor invents a smart smasher ball which exclusively defends zombies ‘attack. The ball can jump, sprint and spin, any of which could beat zombies to death. What’s that? It is Zombie Smasher HD! Zombie Smasher HD, developed by A-onesoft, has been released on App Store. Its task is to save the Earth from zombies’ attack. Zombie Smasher HD is easy to play. All you need to do is to control the … Continue reading Zombie Smasher HD Claws Its Way To App Store

Fighting Bugs In iPad Augmented Reality

AR23D Studio released its first game ‘Bugs Mayhem’ based on Augmented Reality Technology today. The realistic approach and the quality of Augmented Reality will stir your imagination ‘ this game stands out due to a higher level of technology used in it comparing with all other games you have played before. ‘Our company has released the first game in the sphere of Augmented reality which doesn’t compromise the look and the quality and which doesn’t have simplifications due to which Augmented reality has been considered nothing more than a pretty idea for a long time. In ‘Bugs Maybem’ you don’t … Continue reading Fighting Bugs In iPad Augmented Reality

A-onesoft Goes Public On Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Beijing: A-onesoft, one of the most influential developers and publishers of mobile games and software, successfully goes public on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock code: 430129. As a publisher and developer of mobile games, mobile online games, mobile software which debuted on April 18th, 2005, A-onesoft has released more than 240 products including puzzle games, RPG, action games, flight shooting games, chess games, reader, ringtones, wallpaper and themes, etc. Mobile online game, as a new type, has been released and is operating smoothly. The listing on ‘new three board’ (an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises) marks a brand-new beginning of the … Continue reading A-onesoft Goes Public On Shenzhen Stock Exchange