World’s Top Gambling Countries

We have to admit that gambling is amazing and it comes with several benefits as well. We talk of the great way to relieve stress as well one of them as well as to boost the economy.

Not forgetting the personal gains like how you can walk away with great real money usa online casino rewards.

With all those benefits, it is no wonder that people love real money gambling. On that note, let us look at some of the world top gambling countries.

Top Gambling Countries

United Kingdom

Number one spot one of the world’s top gambling countries goes to the United Kingdom. The main reason for this is that in the UK the legal age for gambling is 18. As such, 65% of the gamblers are under the age of 21 which is the legal age in most countries. That being said, in 2018, the UK raked in a massive £14.4 billion all thanks to gambling.


Aussies are another group of people who simply love gambling and one of the most favoured games in Australia is poker and Australian sports betting. According to statistics, it is estimated that a gambling adult spends at least A$990. This led to 2017 statistics showing that gambling raked in a massive A$24 billion.


Gambling may be illegal in China, however we can’t deny the fact that Macau, The Worlds Gambling Capital is in China. Macau, though in China, has its own set of rules and laws. Moreover, 50% of the revenue in Macau, China comes from gambling.


Ireland is one country that has never had any issues with gambling and any gambling-related activities. Since the Irish believe in luck so much, and gambling is all about luck we are sure you understand. As such, it is very common to find casino table games at special occasions in Ireland.

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