Are Classic Style Slots Making a Comeback?

Is there anything online casinos can’t do? They brought us a Game of Thrones slot machine. They accept Bitcoin for payments, and now they are bringing back classic-style slot machines.

Casinos are rarely wrong about these sorts of trends. When they began to provide games on mobile devices, it was because there was a demand for mobile gaming. When they went on a rage to launch movie-themed slots, people embraced the games.

Classic Slots: An Overview

Classic slots are the simplest versions of slot machines. They come with three reels, one to twenty pay lines, and fruits, bars or numbers as symbols. As with modern games, retro slots also use Random Generator Software (RNG) to dictate when you win and lose.

The games are simple to play. All you need is to select a game and make a bet starting at ten cents. It also helps to understand winning symbols so that when you trigger them you can be prepared for some profits.

Some of the best classic slots are:

  • Mega Joker
  • Fire Joker
  • Jackpot 6000
  • Alchemist’s Lab
  • Mystery Joker

Retro Games on the Rise

Online casinos have been increasing their lists of classic slots for the past several years. It’s not surprising in an industry that’s always finding new ways to keep people excited. But why classic games, you ask:

  • They Evoke Nostalgia

Multiple studies show slot machines are most common with players above 40 years. These are people who’ve been frequenting online casinos since the 1990s, back when classic slots were at their peak.

With that in mind, casinos have been raising concerns that there’s a demographic problem. Young people don’t like to play slots as much as their parents and grandparents do. And the few millennials who play these games do go after classic games.

To spike an interest in older players who might not like today’s video slots, online casinos are reintroducing classic slots.

  • Low Limits

Classic slots are designed with low limits in mind. You can bet as little as ten cents or a maximum of $10. They have few pay lines and limited adjustments for coin sizes. That way, there’s almost no chance you can overspend on a retro slot.

The games’ minimal limits, obviously, means they payout in little amounts. But on a good machine, the payout happens frequently.

A case in point is Reel King, a new game by Novomatic Play that combines the best of classic and modern video slots. The slot machine ranks amongst the best online slots; you can read all about it here. Also, find out the best casinos offering the game, particularly those with welcome packages.

  • Low Commitment

Slot machines have come a long way and some of the new versions can be confusing to people who grew up playing classic slots. For starters, some of today’s slots are attempting to imitate video games.

That way, a slot can require you to complete dialogues or make decisions that affect your potential winnings. The new system of slots is designed to attract young players. But for people who play slots because of their simple nature, retro games are the way to go.

Retro slots are simple to their core. They are slot machines as they are supposed to be: simple to fast, fast-paced and thrilling.

  • Higher Payouts

Although classic slots are enjoying a comeback, the new games take a lot of inspiration from modern video slots. Most notable is their payout ratio. Conventionally, classic games payout at lower rates than their modern counterparts.

As a result, people tend to avoid these games. However, developers are solving some of the drawbacks associated with retro slots, most significant being the return to player rate. It’s not unusual to find retro-styled games with payout rates of up to 97%.

For the uninitiated, payout rates describe the rate at which a game produces winners compared to money wagered. The higher the payout rate, usually the more frequently a game pays out.

  • Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Games like Reel King might feature symbols inspired by classic games. But they come with plenty of attractive bonuses and free spins. The primary qualification is to play a game. You then need to trigger the right symbols to get into a bonus round.

Depending on the game, getting into a bonus round can mean a few free spins or real money won. In a jackpot game, you need to trigger bonus symbols to feature in a random or progressive jackpot.

Besides bonuses and multipliers, today’s classic-themed slots also offer the best of modern slots. They have high-quality graphics, dynamic soundtracks and auto-play functionalities.

  • Curiosity

People are used to playing video slots. They enjoy the top-notch graphics, advanced gameplay and mega jackpots. However, some people are also curious about classic slots, mostly due to their simple graphics and features.

Being curious is a common trait among casino players, one that might also be driving them toward classic slots. Some people want to know how frequently a game with three reels pays. Others might find the bar and fruit symbols intriguing.

Some classically themed games are also iconic and people just feel tempted to try them. Games like Blazin 7s have inspired dozens of more slots and online casinos. The best part, though, is that classic slots are budget-friendly.

Of course, you have to be careful with your budget. But with their few pay lines and lot limits, you can quench your curiosity at a great classic slot and still not overspend.

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