GameWorks Moving Tournaments and Events Online

GameWorks, Inc., an esports and entertainment company for millennials, teens and families with seven locations nationwide, announced today the launch of its new online gaming competition series, Quick Hits.

GameWorks’ Quick Hits takes the entertainment leader’s extensive national esports community online to experience the same high-quality tournaments as when playing at one of its seven esports lounges within each of its venues.

Initially, GameWorks’ Quick Hits will offer three games, including Super SMASH Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V Champion Edition and a racing series featuring the online racing platform iRacing. In the weeks to come, GameWorks plans to continually add new titles such as FIFA, Call of Duty, Granblu, Fortnite and League of Legends, all based on the interest from the esports community.

With Quick Hits, there will be some tournaments offered as casual play, which are complimentary, and for others where there is a prize pool, the fee will be $10.00 ($5.00 goes into the pool and $5.00 is an event fee). There are no age restrictions for participating in casual play tournaments, and standard age and identity verification for tournaments with prize pools.

Each individual tournament will have its own structure and set of rules. The rule sets are outlined on each registration page and all information can be accessed at

“Quick Hits affords us an opportunity to have guests continue to engage in GameWorks’ esports tournament play, especially during these unprecedented times due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Quick Hits allows us to broaden our reach and expand our tournament offering by providing both online and in-venue experiences to the players and spectators we attract. Once the COVID-19 pandemic passes, there will be hundreds of millions of particularly bored Americans. Our job is to be ready to entertain them with our unparalleled in-venue and online esports, food and fun experience, and we will be ready. Quick Hits takes us closer to our mission to be the #1 esports operator nationwide,” explained Philip N. Kaplan, chairman and chief executive officer at GameWorks.

Quick Hits will become a staple within GameWorks broad esports offering, where the Company offers hundreds of tournaments each month from its seven venues nationwide.


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