What Different Kind of Slots Games Are Available?

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran in the online casino world, slots are always a worthy way to gamble. Accessible, simple and fun, slots make up the most popular and most played aspect of online betting.

There are a host of different kinds of slots games that the best online slots sites offer, so choosing the right game where you’ll have the most fun is key to your online casino experience.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a handful of the different slots games that are available online and what each offer to players.

Classic slots

For players looking for that old school experience that real-world casino outlets used to offer, classic slots embody both the look and spirit of the first machine of its kind.

Most classic slots games will have either three or five reels. Usually consisting of classic imagery like lemons, the number 7 and cherries, the aim is to match the symbols along the top, middle or bottom line to win.

A lot of online slots sites have moved away from the classic 3-reel design, with more reels allowing for longer waits and bigger payout possibilities as well as making the games more visually attractive. The spirit of the originals is alive and well in these kinds of slots, allowing players to tap into their nostalgic side.

Fruit machines

The existence of the classic fruit machine is ingrained in our culture as much as a night out. That’s no coincidence, as bars and restaurants were always the classic home to the age-old machines. However, after losing their place in these establishments, they are now finding new life online.

Naturally, as with most things and the internet, fruit machines have gained a large following from betting fans in the online world, as they’re flashy, fun and give the player a small advantage that other slots don’t.

The ability to ‘hold’ or ‘nudge’ certain reels when spinning allows players to have a little bit of control over their game and makes the whole experience more engaging.

 Mega spin slots

 Operating very similarly to conventional fruit machines in moment-to-moment play, mega spin slots are instances where players are able to play several slots games all at once on the same screen.

Allowing for between 3 and 9 games simultaneously, up to 45 reels in all the games can start spinning at one time, greatly increasing the chances of hitting a jackpot multiplier. All of this makes mega spin slots one of the most exciting parts of online casinos.

Progressive slots 

Progressive slots operate on a network of slots games that, over time, build up a jackpot the more players pay their way in to play.

With the size of the games going up to hundreds or even thousands of players, all of these accumulated games can rack up a massive jackpot, with some known to win multi-million-euro prize payouts.

The sense of excitement knowing one person could take home the huge prize fund is what keeps players coming back to progressive slots, with the sense of community well and truly alive in this aspect.

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