Victoria II: Heart Of Darkness Now Available


Real estate is valuable because God isn’t making any more, so if you’re the leader of a growing industrial empire you need to move fast to stake your claim. Victoria II: Heart of Darkness, the second expansion to grand strategy franchise Victoria II’a political simulator where the population reacts to your decisions’has officially released today.

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness offers a competitive and cutthroat colonization experience, and introduces new crisis mechanics that forces the Great Powers to pay attention to seemingly quiet corners of the world. A revised naval system fills in the gaps between ironclads and dreadnoughts and the customizable newspaper feature guarantees that you can follow major developments half a globe away.

Dominate the Victorian Age’an era of dramatic politics, rapid transformation of technology, colonization and military force’and seize weaker powers to advance your national destiny. The world can be yours in a new experience published by Paradox Interactive and crafted by Paradox Development Studio, creators of the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II and upcoming Europa Universalis IV.


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