Upcoming Lovecraftian Strategy Survival Adventure The Tribe Must Survive Announced

Developer Walking Tree Games and publisher Starbreeze Entertainment have announced their upcoming strategy survival adventure The Tribe Must Survive. Combining the strategic depth of tribe building with the thrill of survival and rogue-like elements, this Lovecraftian Stone Age adventure is set to challenge gamers when it makes its debut in Early Access on Steam February 22nd.

Once launched, the developers state that The Tribe Must Survive will spend its first three months in Early Access on Steam, and this time will be used to fine-tune the game balance as well as act on community feedback received during that period. This will lead to the best possible version of The Tribe Must Survive in Q2, along with some additional planned content.

In The Tribe Must Survive, players are transported to a mystical Stone Age world where survival is not only a test of skill but a journey into the unknown. It will be launched in Early Access on February 22nd, retailing for $19.99. It is available to be wishlisted on Steam.

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