Slitherine Launches Part One of Stargate: Timekeepers on Steam

Slitherine has announced the launch of part one of Stargate: Timekeepers with Episode One free for all to download and play on Steam. The game is divided into two parts, each containing seven episodes that are full single player missions set in the Stargate SG-1 universe. This real-time tactics game propels players into the heart of a completely new storyline where time is in short supply and every choice matters as players try to thwart the power-hungry Goa’uld.

Players will need to use a combination of stealth, skills, and combat prowess to succeed on the battlefield. Characters take center stage in Stargate: Timekeepers, with each bringing their special skill set to overcome obstacles, foes, and in-game puzzles. Each episode needs careful planning and expert use of skills, including Tactical Mode, which allows for actions to unfold simultaneously.

Stargate: Timekeepers features a host of different environments, from the lush jungles of The Resistance mission in Episode Two to the snowy highlands of the Crossfire mission in Episode Four. Episode One plunges players into the heart-pounding chaos of the Battle of Antarctica, with the valiant Stargate commander Eva McCain in a desperate attempt to stop the deadly Kull warriors.

Part two of Stargate: Timekeepers will be released later this year. Players who purchase Stargate: Timekeepers will have full access to all episodes in both parts of the game.

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