Underwater Adventure Game Samudra Swimming to Steam

The hand-illustrated 2D puzzle game SAMUDRA is making its way to Steam Wednesday, September 29.

In SAMUDRA, the player takes on the role of a child who must go on a perilous journey to uncover the truth about why and how Surface-Dwellers allowed pollution to run rampant on Earth.

In the not-so-distant future, the world has been completely swallowed up by a toxic flood caused by climate change. Most animals are extinct, resources are scarce, and there are only a few safe havens left on the surface – now occupied by the remaining Surface-Dwellers, who require a breathing apparatus to endure Earth’s toxic atmosphere. But now the Surface-Dwellers are turning to the sea for their resources.

One of the remaining Surface-Dwellers – a child named Trip – helplessly sinks to the bottom of the sea. Away from civilization, he must go on an underwater journey across the ocean floor – facing horrific pollution and bewildering underwater creatures on the way to the surface.

SAMUDRA’s story is told without dialogue. The visuals, mood, creatures, and sounds of the deep carry a warning that we all must heed if we intend to stay on this planet: polluting the world’s oceans will not only dramatically change life as we know it, but possibly end it altogether.

Profits from the game’s sales will partially fund a year-round collaboration with the Indonesian Environmental Activist Circle to reduce plastic usage in Indonesia by 70% in 2025.

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