Uncharted Water Receives Massive Update


After successfully re-releasing Uncharted Waters Online? late last year, OGPlanet is now brining this iconic title its biggest update ever. Set sail for excitement and adventure as a new age dawns in Uncharted Waters Online. UWO: 2nd Age has added a ton of engaging and rich new content, features and missions to the game.

Embark on a journey in UWO’s 2nd Age that you’ll never forget and experience some of the new features such as the ability to manipulate the flow of time with the World Clock or customize and captain the newly added famous, historic ships such as the Privateer "Sir Francis Drake" or Lubeck Merchat’s Guarding ship the "Eagle".

The possibilities are endless as you and your friends decide the fate of the Roman Empire in the imperial election, tempt your fate as you take on the infamous Great Ganador, Ruler of the Sea in an epic naval battle or go on a mystifying treasure hunt, gathering clues from all over the world to discover rare relics.


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