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UK Online Casino Industry Boon Trend Likely to Continue

In recent years, there’s been no shred of a doubt that the UK online casino industry is in fine health, and that the trend is likely to persist. Latest figures by the UK Gambling Commission’s biannual report shows that casino products accounted for 56% of remote gambling revenues, having generated £2.6 billion of the Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) between April 2016 and March 2017, with £1.7 billion coming from online slots and £414 million generated by online table games such as Roulette and Blackjack.

So what has led to the massive growth of online casino in the UK?

There are a number of factors that have contributed to this unprecedented growth of the UK online casino industry. The large number of online casino sites provide plenty of opportunities for new players from all walks of life to experience the online gambling. The fact that players can play from the comfort of their home or from the device of their choice has made casino even more accessible, and the variety of games available, especially when it comes to slots, has also ensured that these games will appeal to an even wider audience. What’s more, the development of live dealer games have provided a great alternative to land-based casinos, offering a more personalized online casino experience, by enabling players to watch and interact with the real dealer.

Factoring in the increase in online casino games linked to massive progressive jackpots, as well as the number of promotions and the generous welcome offers to attract new players, it looks like the UK online casino industry has got all the ingredients to succeed. Players can expect to have their initial deposit doubled or even tripled, and may receive over a £1000 in bonus money when they first join a new casino. Although wagering requirements apply to such huge bonuses, which means that players will not be able to withdraw their winnings until they play the amount through a number of times, they have served as an excellent marketing tool to attract new players to the world of online casinos.

UK online casino goes mobile

The increase in mobile device users has also allowed online casinos to tap into the possibility of offering a complete mobile casino experience, making online games accessible on the go. Advancements in technology and video quality have naturally helped make this possible, and a lot of leading UK online casinos are now striving to put mobile first, by developing their games specifically for mobile initially, before working on the desktop version. Players can now play almost any online casino game on mobile, including live dealer games, with video quality being just as good as that of their desktop counterpart.

Gamification: a recent development with infinite possibilities

In the field of UK online casino, the concept of gamification is becoming all the rage, allowing online casinos to integrate additional layers of fun to the gaming experience and thus preserving their players’ loyalty. UK players can now earn rewards the more they play with a casino, level up and also ‘travel’ across a virtual land on their way to additional casino rewards!

UK online casino: a sneak peak into the future

It looks like the UK online casino industry will continue to grow, as more and more operators are seeking to cater to the UK market. The future looks bright, especially as casinos are likely to tap more into the opportunities offered by gamification, and thanks to the development in Virtual Reality casino, which shall offer a more immersive casino experience. The landscape is undergoing constant change, and it’s every UK online casino’s mission to stay ahead of the game in this fast-paced industry!

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