Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Gears Up With Supporter Packs

Today, Novaquark is excited to announce that its ambitious large-scale sci-fi sandbox, Dual Universe, is opening its hangar doors to new backers with the introduction of Supporter Packs, expanding upon the success of its early crowdfunding campaign which raised over one million dollars and established a passionate community of more than 10,000 backers. Offering up a fully editable, single shard universe, Dual Universe will let players build, explore, conquer, discover and create their entire game playground. Novaquark wants gamers to be at the center of Dual Universe’s development, right from the Pre-Alpha.

Beginning today, Supporter Packs are available for gamers to contribute, as early adopters, and get in at the ground floor and show their support for Dual Universe’s development.

Going hands-on with new features before the public even hears about them, Supporters will have the chance to share their feedback with Novaquark and weigh in on what’s next. In addition to the possibility of accessing the Pre-Alpha tests, Supporters will gain additional benefits like giftable Beta keys, cosmetic items, Dual Access Coupons (DAC), an in-game currency offering up to a year of monthly access to Dual Universe post launch, and much more.

At the heart of Dual Universe is a truly innovative proprietary technology, which was developed to lay the foundations of the game: the CSSC (continuous single-shard cluster), which manages one single universe with potentially millions of people interacting in it at the same time, with no loading screen: a metaverse. Coupled to this, an innovative voxel engine enables players to physically modify the world; dig a tunnel, carve up a mountain or build anything they want, from cities to space ships and orbital stations, at any scale they desire. Novaquark is building a virtual world environment meant to welcome millions of people, who will be able to live exciting collective adventures within a vibrant and emergent universe where everything is possible.

This freedom to explore, build, trade and conquer represents the uncompromising vision of scientist and Artificial Intelligence expert Jean-Christophe Baillie, founder of Novaquark and long-time science fiction devotee. Dual Universe picked up early momentum following a successful crowdfunding campaign, earning over a million dollars in funding on both Kickstarter and the official game website. Dual Universe was the 3rd biggest worldwide Kickstarter of 2016 for a video game and has a vibrant community of over 10,000 backers and 1,700 in-game organization communities. Furthermore, since September, backers had the opportunity to participate in 15 playtests already.


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