Turn-Based Hybrid Adventure Of Blades and Tails Heads to Steam Early Access

Hold on to your swords and staves because, Of Blades and Tails, is finally available as a Steam Early Access title. This new hack-and-slash, turn-based hybrid adventure will launch on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) as well as Steam Deck for 12.99 USD/EUR with a week-long -10% launch discount. After it fully releases on PC next year, the game is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One/Series S/X by Q3 2023, so stay tuned for more adventures in this anthropomorphic world.

In Of Blades and Tails, you play Reik, an inquisitive member of the proud Fox Tribe. After a series of unfortunate events forces him to leave his home behind, Reik embarks on a quest to preserve the peace of the realm. Venture into the outside world and gain enough experience to fight a mysterious evil endangering the innocent and corrupting the once quiet forests with fearsome enemies.

The game is currently available in English and German with more translations to come in future updates. The developer has also released a roadmap detailing their plans to add achievements, new talents, factions, world map expansions, and more.

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