Train Station Renovation Chugs Closer to Steam Release

Live Motion Games and PlayWay are proud to present Train Station Renovation, a game in which you take control of a renovation company specialized in restoring railway stations. The game has 10 abandoned and destroyed locations in need of fixing, from small rural outposts to sprawling train stations in metropolitan areas. All of them allow you to test the limits of your creativity, as both looks and functionality of those places are dependent on player’s choice.

The game is due out in Q2 2020. In the game you will find:

• 10 stations to renovate, all with their unique flavor and backstory.
• Wide array of equipment available for the player to use.
• A difficulty level scaling to the level of commitment from the player.
• Renovate the trains, both on the inside and the outside.
• Unlock exciting, new equipment to help you take care of the stations.
• Decorate them how you want thanks to sandbox renovation tools.


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