Train Simulator 2013 Gains High Speed DLC Ltd., the market-leading innovator of rail simulation and modeling tools, today released its latest product, the popular London-Faversham High Speed route, featuring the Hitachi Class 395 high speed train known informally as "Javelin". The new standalone route does not require the Train Simulator 2013 base game to play, making it a perfect entry point for new players.

Officially licensed by Southeastern and developed in association with Hitachi, the London-Faversham High Speed simulator game features a highly realistic recreation of the train route from London St Pancras International to Faversham, Kent, complete with the 140mph Class 395 high speed train. Made in Japan by Hitachi and based on bullet train technology, the Class 395 trains are one of the most advanced high speed passenger trains in the UK. They came into service in 2009 in preparation for the 2012 Summer Games and quickly became a popular option for commuters.

The route features highly detailed recreations of some of London and Kent’s most recognized landmarks, including London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet International Station, Rochester Castle and Cathedral, and the QEII Bridge at Dartford, as well as accurate an overhead catenary system on the high speed section of the route and TVM430 track-to-train signaling.

The Class 395 is equally as detailed, including full start-up procedure, in-cab lighting, passenger view, roof detailing with working fans, driver vigilance system, accurate overheard catenary, trackside detailing including AWS boxes and ramps, and up to the minute signaling on the ‘classic’ route.

The London-Faversham High Speed Route is available now for download on Steam for price $39.99/’29.99/’24.99. The game is compatible with the Xbox’360 controller and Steam Big Picture, and will accommodate other add-ons, allowing players to expand their game as they wish.


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