Protoxide: Death Race Now Available

HeroCraft Games are delighted to announce the launch of the Protoxide: Death Race for devices
shipped with Android OS. The game has already been praised by users of iPhone and
iPad. It has topped the charts in its genre and garnered a large number of fans.

Protoxide: Death Race offers you a vision of the ‘world after 2012’. Showing you all
you need to know about ultra-fast, battle-ready super-cars that look like machines from
a Hollywood blockbuster and the wild industrial tracks they inhabit. Various modes of
Protoxide: Death Race give you a chance to test yourself in high-speed competition, begin
a battle to concentrate on destroying your enemies or investigate this dying world in detail
by completing a single campaign mode. A multiplayer mode will connect all the fans of
auto-wars all over the world in one violent massacre.

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