Announces Competitive Gaming Service today announced that it will soon offer gamers the ability to play top online games for money in a safe and secure environment. The company is currently looking for beta testers to help test its forthcoming service and is giving players $1 for every match they complete during the beta phase which can then be used when the service goes live. Launching later this spring, has already signed up more than 5,000 gamers who are ready to compete online.

"We are building a unique online platform for gamers to compete in their favorite multiplayer games, while bringing competitive gaming to the mainstream," said Marcus Pearcey, co-founder of "Much like golfers or chess players can compete against each other in tournaments, users can prove their skills and make some cash in secure, fair, competitive matches that reward winners with more than just bragging rights."

Skill-based gaming is a natural evolution for games given the competitive environment they present, and the ability to monetize a player's abilities in the matches they win. "Professional athletes can enter competitions to earn financial rewards," said Richard Skelhorn, cofounder of "We believe that gamers deserve the same opportunities to showcase their talents." is committed to providing a secure and safe playing environment. All users must go through a verification process to prove that they are over the age of 18, and to ensure responsible gaming, users may not deposit more than $150 per month into their account. The site's Smartrank ranking system allows players to view other users' skill levels, and there is a handicap system in place to allow players of all levels to play against one makes its money from charging a small service charge for hosting each game.

Participating beta testers can download and install the service client from the website, which gives access to the online gaming service. Testers earn $1 in credit for each completed match; all credit will be deposited in the gamer's account upon the site's official launch.

To sign up for the beta or for more information about the service, please visit

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