Top Three E-Sports Tournaments of the Year

The gaming industry is reaching new heights of growth with every passing year. Due to rising interest, more participants, games, and tournaments are set to make a debut. With so many tournaments on the way this year, fans are patiently waiting for their favorite championships. Their entertainment isn’t limited to watching their favorite teams- they are excited about betting on them as well. E-Sport betting opens new opportunities for the audience and tournament organizers. This year, here are the top three E-Sports Tournaments that have got the audience on the edge of their seats:

1.     IEM Season XV World Championships in Katowice

Value is hosting the Majors CS-GO tournament in May 2021 this year, yet the fans are still waiting for the organizers’ official announcement (Source). However, the Intel Extreme Masters Season World Championships is under the spotlight as one of the best tournaments. The moments from Counter-Strike competitions last year are still the most memorable. All the teams performed magnificently in the last season. Making this year more interesting, IEM qualified eight CS-GO top teams directly into the road to Katowice initially. The remaining teams took their spots after playoffs for the main group stage. Initially, IEM added six European and two North American teams for the championship. The list includes Team Vitality, Heroic, Na’Vi, Astralis, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, FURIA Esports, and Evil Geniuses. Katowice, being the city of events, is witnessing another momentous event in the history of E-Sports.

2.     Overwatch League 2021

You still need to wait for the professional Overwatch tournament this year as the organizers have yet to finalize the dates. Nevertheless, the 20 teams are ready to surprise the audience with their skills and talent: they are fully prepared for season three!

COVID-19 had a great impact on last year’s playoffs. The matches were split between Asian and North American playoffs. Both the top teams battled each other in an offline match in Korea. However, as expected by the audience, The San Francisco Shock won the championship against Seoul Dynasty in the final matches by 4-2.

All the top three teams are ready to face each other in season three, but the teams are expected to face a few swaps, which will be interesting to see. New talent always surprises the audience with their techniques and skills in these top tournaments. At the same time, many new teams are competing for the first time, such as London Spitfire, Dallas Fuel, Paris Eternal, and others. We get to a lot of new rosters, making the new season even more interesting.

3.     The Call of Duty League Championship

The organizers have yet to finalize the dates for this championship, but fans have plenty of reasons to show excitement. The second season of the Call of Duty League Championship will be remarkable. The audience will see several changes in the formations. The players will play on the latest Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War instead of Modern Warfare. Furthermore, the tournament organizers also changed the competitive format to traditional four vs. four from five vs. five.

There have been no expansions in the teams, but the audience can expect to see new faces replacing existing ones. This can be more entertaining as fans will be watching unique gameplays due to coordination between new and old players. The shuffle in the teams includes a lot of big names during the previous Rostermania. Dashy is now with the OpTic linking with the Scump Envoy and FormaL. In the offseason, the New York Subliners hit the home run by Clayster. Due to the change in formation to four vs. four, Clayster will no longer play. Minnesota ROKKR and Paris Legion also introduced some new rosters to the team during the offseason.


The E-Sport is set to reach new heights in 2021. With new events, tournaments, and sports, fans are excited to bet on their favourite teams.According to Bloomberg, online sports betting is expanding due to the rapid growth of E-Sports. There are loads of new opportunities in the industry for betting enthusiasts.

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