THQ Nordic Reveals Last Train Home Story Trailer

THQ Nordic and developer Ashborne Games have revealed their new story trailer for their historical RTS Last Train Home. In Last Train Home, players must lead a group of Czechoslovakian soldiers back to their homes in the aftermath of World War I.

Last Train Home thrusts players into the grim aftermath of the First World War. As a commander of the Czechoslovak Legion, you find yourself trapped in the chaos of civil war, with a single objective: to safely navigate your men through the horrors of the new conflict and bring them back home.

Venture into an unforgiving landscape aboard an armored train, traversing the perilous frozen expanse of Siberia. The journey will bring your men to their limits as players face relentless challenges and make life-or-death decisions at every turn. In this gripping tale, survival hinges upon your tactical prowess, astute resource management, and honed combat skills.

About Last Train Home

The Great War is over – the fight continues. Command a legion of soldiers, desperately trying to make their way home amidst the chaos of civil war. Lead them through the unforgiving wilderness onboard an armored train. Manage your crew and resources and try to survive.The Last Train Home is compelling narrative that portrays the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legion and their valiant fight on behalf of the Entente powers during World War I.

Last Train Home is releasing soon for PC.

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