Things that’ll Help you Win at eSports Betting

If you’re keen on becoming a professional eSports bettor, it’s critical that you develop your own sports betting strategy. Apart from being aware of the things required to be successful in this field, you must also steer clear of the common mistakes made by majority of the punters. In case you don’t know much about this field, here’s a beginner’s guide for you.

Let’s take you over some things that can help you win consistently at eSports betting.

Select the right bookmaker

It’s important that you ensure the genuineness and reliability of the bookmaker that you place your bets with. Carry out ample research on the available online bookmakers and opt only for the reputed ones, for instance, the kinds shortlisted at Betfreebets. Such bookmakers won’t eat a lot into your profits and will always offer you the best possible odds. Most importantly, they won’t place any restrictions on you if you win consistently.

Make use of a staking method

You cannot bet on eSports if you don’t have money. Although it might seem like something that’s a given, you must actively take care of your money to protect your betting interests. The best method of optimising your bankroll is by consistently using a staking method. The choice of staking method would depend entirely on the type of sports bettor you are.

Always do your due diligence

Although you might have heard a number of times that you must bet only on what you know, it’s something that’s meant to be taken seriously. The more you are aware of a certain sport, the more likely you would make well-informed betting decisions.

This due diligence should also cover the available markets in the concerned sport. You must do everything within your means to increase your knowledge about those markets, as only then you’d be able to spot discrepancies and find value in the offered odds.

Act on the available information

People new to sports betting often overlook the importance of information. It’s critical that you use some reliable website like to get insider info related to eSports.

As also mentioned earlier, carrying out ample research into a market, team or game would help you decide the right time of placing your bets. However, if you chance upon any information that no other sports bettor or bookmaker has as yet, you’d be a step ahead of the market.

One of the most valuable information in this regard is the team news. If you get to know that the team isn’t going into a game with its strongest players, and hence has a lower chance of winning, you’d be better-off backing the opponents. Furthermore, if you act upon this information in time, you might get the best possible odds on your bets. Do this consistently and you’d end up making a handsome profits over the long term. This is one website where you can stay updated about all the happenings in the eSports industry.

Track your wins and losses

Although the entire purpose of betting on eSports is to make some profit from the activity, unless you consistently measure your success, you’d have no idea about your potential long-term profits or losses.

In addition, you can use the bookmaker’s closing odds to learn about the accuracy of even the losing bets. If you lose a bet, but consistently bet at odds comparatively higher than the market’s closing odds, you must be doing something right. It’s only a matter of time that luck and randomness will even out.

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