The Secret World Releases Issue #8

Funcom is thrilled to announce that a major new and innovative update for ‘The Secret World’ has just been released! Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda introduces an all new type of content through Scenarios, where players fight in virtual challenges, and a fresh layer of character development with the powerful Augments, which let players choose how to enhance their Abilities.

In Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda the players get to continue the main storyline where it left off in Transylvania and enter the headquarters of The Council of Venice and take part in virtual training programs called Scenarios. By proving to The Council that they are capable, the players can earn certification to enter Tokyo, which is coming in Issue #9.

The Scenarios are a completely new type of content which offers instanced and randomized challenges with set objectives. Players can take on the Scenarios either solo in a duo or a group, they can choose between three different difficulties and three different locations. They will battle waves of monsters and powerful bosses while having to tackle important random events.

Augments are all new rewards which can be earned from completing Scenarios. The Augments fine tune the Abilities of the players and let them reach new levels of power and offer fresh new opportunities and choices for character development.

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