The Last Door Season 1 Finale Now Available

Independent game company The Game Kitchen is excited to release the first season finale of The Last Door, an episodic point-and-click horror adventure game featuring stylish pixel-art graphics and a foreboding orchestral soundtrack, for PC, Linux & Mac and other flash enabled devices.

This new and fourth episode, titled as Ancient Shadows, stands for the last episode of the first season and is aimed at finishing a narrative cycle in The Last Door plot. Of course, new and intriguing mysteries are back in this installment so players shouldn’t miss this great season finale of The Last Door whose well-built and enthralling cliffhangers will leave the player hunger for the second season.

In this season finale, the intriguing story unfolds and takes Jeremiah Devitt to the county of Pevensey, in East Sussex. After the disturbing ending of the previous chapter, Devitt receives new and revealing information, helping him to remember, so he is finally driven to travel to a eerie place, where he is supposed to find the final answers to all his questions.

As usual, in this fourth episode, players will be able to enjoy the disturbing and exceptional soundtrack composed by the great award-winning musician Carlos Viola as well as many improvements and new features, like a new intelligent music system that delivers a deeper immersion for the player.

Concurrently with the launch of this new chapter, the indie studio announces that The Four Witnesses, third episode of ‘The Last Door’ has also been released for free, so anybody can enjoy it without restrictions.

According to the indie developer, right after the launch of Ancient Shadows and having completed the first four chapters of the series, instead of starting the fifth chapter (first chapter of the second season) right away, they will focus on deeper structural improvements to produce a compelling second season with novelties related to game design and visual effects. The Game Kitchen estimates that The Last Door Season Two will be premiered in Summer 2014.

During this time, The Game Kitchen will run their crowdfunding campaign to finance the next episode: Chapter Five (first chapter of the second season). All donations will be welcome to help this small studio to go on with their fantastic job.


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