The Last Door Announces Beta For Chapter Three

The Game Kitchen officially announces the imminent launch of the third episode of The Last Door saga called "The Four Witnesses" scheduled to be released on next October 18th. Before that, the indie studio has released today a beta version available for its premium community members to test the game, provide feedback and to collaborate in the game building.

In this sense, the beta version of Chapter Three, doesn’t include the beginning nor the end of the episode, but everything else will be there for the community to provide feedback and to help in shaping the game into its final form.

In order to access the beta, you have to be a premium member, which is easy to become by contributing with fifteen euros. Premium members also get full rights to access all the episodes of the saga and exclusive contents like the complete soundtrack of the whole saga.

After the good reception showed by the community of the "Leave your mark" initiative in the second chapter, the Spanish studio has broaden this idea, and in this new chapter, the community will be able to come up with descriptions for 24 objects instead of 12 they had in the previous chapter.

The ‘Leave your mark’ initiative consists in a collaborative dynamic where supporters can submit a description proposal for some objects that have been intentionally left undescribed within the game. The best ones, with take part in the final release of the game.

In order to improve the process of managing feedback from the community, the team behind The Last Door has set up a specific area exclusive for premium members within their forum to establish a easy way of communication with their members to work on the beta of the new chapter.

Additionally, this third episode features again the disturbing and exceptional soundtrack composed by the great composer Carlos Viola.

"It’s unbelievable how Carlos maintains the outstanding level of his work, in this new chapter the music can be defined as a piece of art." Stated Mauricio Garc’a, project manager of the game. "We are quite satisfied with this new chapter in many senses: it keeps a great consistency with the previous narrative, we think we have improved puzzles and the new locations are really appealing" added a few members of the team.


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